Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read the recent FAQ’s about Vidsta app. It will help you to have better experience with the app.

What is Vidsta ?

It is an app that reward you for watching videos, uploading videos, referring friends etc. There is various payout options available such as mobile recharge, paytm cash, gift voucher, bank transfer and paypal cash. This app also allows you to advertise your product as small video ad at lowest cost.

Need mobile number for registration?

Yes, mobile number not required for register on this app. But you need to provide correct and Genie details including email address in order to process payment requests.

How to earn points and rewards?

Well, you can earn Vidsta points by Uoloading videos, Watching unlimited videos available in the app in your free time. However you can also earn points by inviting your friends and daily check-in.

How to advertise my business, product or service in Vidsta?

Once you have a small video ad for your product or service, simply contact us for advertise it on Vidsta app. We ensure that users will watch your video ad . So make use of this feature and become popular in short time. We highly recommended it if you have a new business, product or service.

No points credited after watching video?

You need to watch full video ad to successfully credit points. All the available video options in the dashboard are rewarding points as much as you watch.

How to refer and earn?

Go to refer and earn section in the app, there you can find your unique referral code. Copy that and share it with your friends with download link. You will get points once they signup on the app and enters your refer code.

Self referrals allowed or not?

Not at all, we are strictly against of self referrals or any fraud, suspicious activity. Also 1 account is allowed per device/user. If we found anything wrong, we will immediately block your account permanently. There is only one word to say for fraudsters ‘don’t waste your time’.

How to redeem points for rewards?

You can redeem your points for various rewards on redeem page once you accumulate minimum redeem points (500) as mobile recharge, paytm cash, voucher, bank transfer, paypal cash.

I have redeemed, but not received the reward?

Don’t worry! 100% guarantee for payout. we will process the payment request within 5-15 days.

I have forgot my password, how to recover it?

In case you forgot your password, you can recover it by following forgot password option beside the login screen.

My account seems blocked, how to unblock it?

Sorry, your account blocked permanently due to your suspicious activity. So you can’t get back or unblock the account.

Iam using clone version of Vidsta app. Anything wrong?

Yes! you must stop doing it. Cloning app is against our policy.

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